Friday, October 31, 2008

Yoyoyo! Was bored so ima post something now.
First things first.
Carmen ish NOT my marmie anymore, &&We're not frens anymore.
Because of.. Better not sayy it bahhs. :D
I noe it's a wise decision. xD
Anyways, Audi season 2 ish out!! OHMIGAWD!! I just love it! <33 xD
But the old songs cant playy.. Boo Hoo. Sad manx. D:
Hahaaas..! -.-" Today something interesting happened lo. Too bad i cant sayy.
I promised my mei liao, not to sayy siia. x.x

* Nothing's gonna change my love for you.. *

Here's something bout Nameless&Connie :
To Nameless :
I think you're a coward lehhs. Dare scold me dont dare put name.. zzz.
Not like that EdwinZzzz&Justin, at least they put their name.
&What i wanna put in my post wont kill uue right?
So dont need uue to care, kk? LOL.
Ohya, got ppl take my numb before, So it DOES help.
And how i look like does it matters to uue?
If uue dont like my looks,
I suggest uue look into the mirror
and see how beautiful/handsome uue are. *PUKES*
Ohyaa, i only got 3 ex. Not alot. (:
And who're uue to judge that i flirt. zzz
I stayy at home most of the time.
How flirt everyday? LOL. Flirt myself arr?
And hor, who sayy i wont last long?
My longest 4 years. Might not be long to uue, but long to quite alotta ppls. [x
&&&If you dun like me, why do you choose to go into my blog? Summore dare to spam!
+I wont care much bout bad stuffs, stupid comments&useless spams liaox. :D
So take it as an advice and stop laa. .__."
To Connie :
Nothing much to sayy.
Just say i am stupid to be friend with you.
To trust&believe you're my friend.
I thought you're a good friend,
But it seems that i thought wrong..
Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson,
To not trust ppls that easily..
But i'm so not thanking you for giving me bad memories.. -.-

Hahaas. No offence manx. Not scolding or insulting her horx. Get your facts right.
Than i've got nothing else to post liaox. Baibais~ :DD

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rewind for ytd&todayy. :D

Ytd went to watch HSM3 with dinglin, regina&her sister, renee. The show was kinda nice.(: liked the songs&the dance moves. [x Nothing much interesting happened ytd.

Today went to watch the show "the wizard of ox" with the P6s and the performing arts for the SYF. The show was okay but liked the effects of the lights on the stage. X: was cold there.. Two frens were snatching my jacket. LOLS. zzz. sianx laa. audi patch again! just when i wanna play it! x.x

* I'd do anything just for you.. *

I go liao laa. wanna continue watching shows.. Hahaas.. baibais~ xD

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hahaas, ytd went to Marine Parade beach to play. Took some pics but neber put on the com soo next time than upload bahhs. ahhhas. So tired+sianz, nothing to do!~ .__."

* You're the only thing that brightens up my dark dark life.. *

:D Alrights, i go sleep liao laa.


A simply quiz that kwantyng asked me to do. [:

1 ) The last person who tagged you is :
Kwan Tyng

2 ) Your relationship with him / her is :

3 ) Your impressions on him / her is :
Caring&fun to be with

4 ) The most memorable thing he / she had done for you :
dunnoe? o.o

5 ) The most memorable thing he / she said to you :

6 ) If he / she becomes your lover you will :

7 ) If he / she becomes your lover , thing he / she has to improve on will be :

8 ) If he / she becomes your enemy , the reason will be :
Not possible

9 ) The most desired thing you wanna do for him / her now is :
Be there when she need a friend

10 ) Your overall impression on him / her is :
Very Good

11 ) How you think people around you feel about you :
Erm? Who cares? :D

12 ) The character you love about yourself is :

13 ) On the contrary , the character you hate about yourself is:
14 ) The most ideal person you wanna be is :

15 ) Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you :
1 HuiLin
2 Melissa
3 Lydia
4 Gaf
5 Zheng yuan
6 ShiLing
7 Kayleng
8 Jeremy
9 Iris
10 Theresa

16 ) Who is no.6 having a relationship with ?
No one

17) Is no.9 a male or a female?

18 ) If no.7 and no.10 are together , will it be a good thing?

19 ) How about no.8 and 5 ?

20 ) What is no.2 studying about ?

21 ) When was the last time you had a chat with no.3 ?
Just now

22 ) What music band does no.8 like?

23 ) Does no.1 have any siblings ?
one brother

24 ) Will you woo no.3 ?
Not a les

25 ) How bout no.7 ?
Not a les

26 ) Whats the surname of no.5?

27 ) Whats the hobby of no.4 ?

28 ) Do no.5 and 9 get along ?
they dont know each other

29 ) where is no.2 studying at ?

30 ) Talk something casually about no.1 ?

31 ) Have you tried to develop feelings for no.8 ?
LOL. Nope.

32 ) Where does no.9 live at ?

33 ) What colour does no.4 like ?

34 ) Are no.1 and 5 best friends ?
They dont noe each other

35 ) Does no.7 like no.2 ?
Dont think they noe each other :\

36 ) How do you get to know no.2 ?

37 ) Does no.1 have any pets?

38 ) Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world ?
yes xD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

One day, i met a boy. He had long hair, and he wore it down like an angel.
He was my best friend.
We talked about heaven and love and coffee with just enough sugar and cream.
Ours was a fairy-tale dreamland with perfect moments where we never ran out of things to say.
"Let's be hippies today," he said, and we donned our handkercheifs and sunglasses, let down our hair, and talked of peace and love.
"Let's be bad," I said, and we scowled, decked out in black, and rocked to heavy metal.
"Let's be optimistic," he said, and we walked around in yellow, on top of the world.
"Let's be individuals," he said, and we made up puzzling outfits, comtemplated anarchy, and laughed.
This was our favorite game.
Sometimes we sang, sometimes we ran, sometimes we talked, but mostly we laughed.
We had summers of perfection and idyllic winters.
We had sunshine, and we had red cheeks, and we danced in the rain.
It was beautiful.
"Let's be in love," I said, and I bit my nails and cried, afraid he wouldn't like this game. He danced.
"I love you!" he said, and on went our fairy-tale dreamland. But my stomach was upset, and my eyes cried without me at night, and I knew it was wrong.
"Let's break up," I said, and he cried. And I cried for his broken heart and the way he didn't look at me anymore.
"I don't like this game," he said.
Then our fairy-tale dreamland disappeared, and we looked around to see where the colours had gone, and why our world was gray.
"I think it left with the love," I said, and I cried.
"But it was just a game," he said, laughing quietly, and I remembered that there were no kisses. My heart hurts, and I cried because I didn't realize the truth.
Once, I knew a boy. Now he has forgotten our fairy-tale dreamland, and I watch him as his heart grows cold. He says that he is truly bad.
"Let's hate each other," he said, and I agreed. Then my stomach turned again, and I cried in the dark, and I knew it was wrong.
"Let's make up," I said, and we pretended. Then we tried to remember our fairy-tale dreamland, but he could not find the way, and I lost him.
"Let's say I've fallen in love with someone else," he said, and I smiled sadly because it was no longer a game, and he would never play with me again.
"Let's move on," I said.
I remember a boy. We once had a fairy-tale dreamland. Sometimes I still go there, looking for him, because he was lost.
"Let's be hippies today," I call, but I get no answer.
Once, I knew a boy.

Alrights, back to posting again~ Hahaas.. Changed to another skin lerr.. Anyways, i gonna try and put at least one pic when i post.. I hope i got enuff pics.. o.o So sianx laa.. Ytd Peirce Sec&Ang Mo Kio Sec came to our school&gave a talk.. Why all the schools keep talking about the Holistic education de arrx? (I think is Education arr.. o.o ) BLABLABLA.. They keep talking craps&shits de lorr.. (Is i neber pay attention laa.. heh.. xP ) Hahaas.. Wahhs, the peirce's new school compound soo big! summore can use the lift to go to the classrooms de lorr! No fair! Why my school cannot lorr? -.- So good! Hahaas, Anyway, So sian lorr, at school.. Either play card games or stare into thin air.. LOL.(:

Hahaas, Happy be-lated birthday to Yixian&Ying Ying+Happy birthday to Weng Kit yea? See, i very good right? Put something bout you three.. LOL![: See, now the whole world can noe when's your bday lerr, so be happy yea? xP

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yay~ I finally found one photo of my daughter,Iris. I know i very old,got two daughters liao..LOL

Iris soo chio hor? xD Chio Bu worx.. [: Anyways,NO bad comments on ALL the pictures i put up arrx! Tq&must sayy she chio arrx! ^^

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wootx!Todayy went to Yixian's birthday party.[: Soo fun!Some classmates went too&Ie took some pics but most is Yixian&the bday cake laa. X:
Birthday cakee! :D

Yixian with the cakee. (:
Cut cakee timee! :P

Than took 2 'group' photos. ;DD

Where am ie? X:
Me gonee. xD

Well, that's all the pics i have now. X: Baibais than(:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Am i mad or what? o.o The chi teacher today suddenly never scold me sayy never/forget bring that book.. Scarly ish she mad, not me xD I told her sayy i never bring book i never kena scolded, but guess what? She scold the boyys. (>:D) Woo! That's awesome manxz! Anyways, todayy my dad suddenly soo good to me todayy. o.o Dont let my sis play com but let me.. (Though i played since i went home to school&my sis played only for like 1 hour niia..) xDD Gort an audi cpl. Love him!<33 (audi la!Frens in rl..) wahahahahaxz! Too good to be truee . Today was soo nicee . Hahaas. Anyways, i go audi lerrx.. ^^ Baibais(:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today that stupid chi teacher really gort me pissed. Scolded me&fren say never bring book we say we not here than she say, not here? You all dead liao arr, Not here.. She is a damn idiot sia! (It's lame,i noe..) But we really not at class mahh.. -.- We go help to take over the classes while the teachers were conducting oral test..Took over 3A..Man,They were good.. Ytd they were damn..Notti..the boiis..I still dunnoe how i become a student assistance.. (Actually is known as Teacher-Aid..But later teacher changed it to student assistance..Sux..I just wanna be known by my name.. ._.) Anywayy, my frens all not happy wif the teacher&we all were talking&joking bout her rebonded hair..Were luffing..Too loud.Yixian kena scolded&hao wei need go sit on the floor.( >:D ) Hahahahahazx! Than teacher almost heard bout what we talking bout but gort one boyy he shouted bout something than the teacher go scold him..PHEW..But the teacher keep looking at us..sianx lo..So damn happy lo..Invited to Yixian's party.. [x Hahaas.. Gtg.. Wanna go chiong audi lerr.. Buaiis~ :D

Monday, October 13, 2008

Woo! Alotta ppls were asking me for my pics,
Go to the following links to see the pics. ^^
Me&Carmen jie :D
._. uue may sayy i'm ugly but puh-lease! Who cares? Like i do. -.- Just to tell uue, i DO NOT need to change the current me.. I like it&that's the only thing that matter,kayyz? o.o" So if uue dont like my looks, DONT LOOK LA, go look into the mirror&see yourself, nobody ask uue to look at me(: Anywayy, that's all for now, Byes ;D

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wee! My fren sent me some stuffs then i from not nice change to nice. ^^ But i want is other type of clothes&shoe de. :X Anyways, I put the pics up liaox. :D Hahaas. Anyways, i really THANKS my fren,angel, alot! Thanks for being there when i needed you. Like a few weeks ago when i break friendship with selina, you were there to console me. ;D Anyways, enough of that stuffs and see my pics.[x Old me

New me


This better arrx?

Help me decide! >.<
No matter what, im still not fit for you.
I seem to cause you troubles each and every time.
Maybe if i leave you, you'll feel happier that way.
Dont get things wrong but im just trying to lessen your burdens.
Its just that sometimes, i dunno what "jokes" are called,
And you take things too seriously.
Ya, its my fault,
Blame me for it.
Im sorry t have caused you all these troubles.
And im nothing, in everybody's eyes.
I really cannot afford to lose you anymore,
Because it hurts everytime when i had to quarrel with you.
I've tried my very best t patch it up,
But i just dunno why, our conversations ends up like this.
I've tried my best, maybe not?
But, i know that i dont wanna lose you for im far too dependent on you alr.
I dunno why i'll feel some kind of awkward feeling when i hear about some things,
But because, you're one of a kind, you're hard t find,
And very important t me too,
I felt that way.
I felt like you're taking a knife,
Stabbing through my heart.
Yeah, im exagerrating if you think so,
But this is my feelings.
My heart has holes everywhere,
Because of all these knifes.
Love keeps bleeding on.
And who knows if you'll ever betray.
The most hurtful thing was that,
We were once so close,
Till that i hurt myself, and you too.
Someone i wonder what L.O.V.E means,
For it seems meaningless in my life from now on.
Maybe it's just mean nothing at all,
Like how i am to everyone.
Because till now, i found out that,
Love hurts terribly x/3
But still, i love you <3
Dont hold other girl's hand and say to me,
You love me x/3
Because im scared that if one day
Should you ever leave me,
What would happen to me,
For you're my everything <3
The boy who loves you, cant tell you the reason why he love you.
He only knew that, in his eyes, you're the only one.

The boy who loves you, seldom praise you,
But in his heart, he knows it only, you're the best.

The boy who loves you, will scold or complaint
If you dint reply his message, but not others, because he cares.

The boy who loves you, will remember every word you said
Even its accidentally, he would use it at the nick of time.

The boy who loves you, will not give a promise that easily,
Because he dont want to break the promise ;
He want you to believe in him, and they want to give you
The happiest and safest life ever.

The boy who loves you, always tells you to think too much,
Because he alr planned it for you,
He want to give you the best life in future,
He want to give you a suprise ; Believe he can do it.

The boy who loves you, will listen quietly to you, when you're mad,
And when you are finished, he will say,
"You still got classes tmrw, sleep earlier", with a smile.

The boy who loves you, dunno that whether he should call you
When you're angry, But he will send a message to you after few hours,
If you ask him why he called that late, He will say,
" When you're angry, my explanation are all rubbish,
But when you have cooled down, my explanation works."

The boy who loves you, dont like little toys like teddy bear,
But he will put the bear you gave him, beside him when he sleeps.

The boy who loves you, while quarelling, will apologise uncontrollably,
Although you're the one who's wrong, and later,
He will send a message to you with,
: Baby, actl you know it's your fault. You know it yourself.

The boy who loves you, while really misses you,
Will want to buy a bunch of roses, and wait for you stupidly under your apartment,
But he never knows, what he bought is daisies,
But it doesn't matter, because in his heart, that's roses.

The boy who loves you, will be willing to do anything
For you, because they love you too much that they cant afford losing you.

The boy who loves you, gets jealous at every single small thing,
Because he was wondering why he wasn't the one,
But actl in his heart, he knew that you were too young to know that.

The boy who loves you, wont get you hurt by him,
Because he knows once you get hurt, it's difficult for him anymore,
To get him right back into your heart.

The boy who loves you, cant stay mad at you for hours,
Because he know he cant live without you,
Not even a second.
¨°º¤ø„¸ Best Friends ¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨ For Life!~ `°º¤ø„¸

A star has 5 ends..A square has 4 ends..A line has 2 ends..A life has 1 end..But a friendship is just like a circle with no end..
Just like you&me! :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Regarding on the previous post, alotta ppl ask me whether i am still in -TX- . So i am here to say that i am still a member of -TX- and i will be changing from --MRSxHAM to -TX-DUMB again, on the coming Monday, hopefully. :\

**And --MRxHAM ish NOT my audi bf anymore.. Sad luhs..! >.< Miss him.. ;( Hahaas! So still F>Audi Bf. D:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heyys, i changed -TX-DUMB to --MRSxHAM . I changed my name cause actually me and --MRxHAM were cpl but then got ppl hacked into my acc, sold everything&break cpl.. -.- laos.. damn dulan.. but even more dulan when --MRxHAM dun reply my smses and pms x.x So if YOU are --MRxHAM and you see this, PLS sms me(: Tq. :D And paiseh as my acc was hacked, my fren are gone from my bl.. So pls kindly add me back. Tq. ><

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Audition club dance 2 ish SOOOOOO cute! xDD
Me&Audi Dar :D



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Th thing that hurts most ish when He meant EVERYTHING to uue but uue meant NOTHING to him..
8 letters, 3 mords, 1 meaning : I Love You
It takes 3 seconds to say I Love You, 3 hours to explain it, and a lifetime to prove it..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Th person that tagged you is?

Your relationship with him/her is?
My darling mei<33

Your five impression of him/her.
She's cute, fun, smart, lovable and veh pretty.

The most memorable thing he/she done for you.
Be there when i need someone to talk to

The most memorable thing he/she said to you.
Em, sisters forever? :\

If she becomes your lover, you will ..
I will love her and be with her forever la!

If she becomes your love, she'll have to improve on?
Nothing. She ish P.E.R.F.E.C.T

If she becomes your enemy, you will ..
Sad F.O.R.E.V.E.R T.T

If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be?
Friendship probelms

You want to tell for her now ..
I Love You and you are my best mei forever! Nothing will tear us apart! X:

Your overall impression of her.

How do you think people around you will feel about you?
Bad D:

The characteristics you love of yourself are.
Er, nothing(i hate myself)

On the contrary , the characteristics you hate yourself are.
Erm, there are a million and one of them, where should i start?LOL

The most ideal person you want to be is.
Me ^^

For people that care and like you , say something to them.
Lurve ya lots! thanks for being there when i need you!muackks<33

Pass this quiz to 10 person u wish to know how they feel about u:
1. Hui Lin<33
2. Kwan Tyng
3. Carmen
4. Hui Min
5. Bao Yin
6. Kai Wen
7. Gaf
8. Zheng Yuan
9. Lydia
10. Somebody(:

Who is no.6 having relationship with ? (Kai Wen)
No one but her heart is taken(:

Is no.9 a male or female ? (Lydia)

If no.7 and 10 are together , will it be a good thing ? (Gaf and Somebody)
Who is somebody? o.o

What is no.2 studying about ? (Kwan Tyng)

When was the last time you had a chat with no.3 ? (Carmen)
Just now :D

What kind of music band does no.8 like ? (Zheng Yuan)

Does no.1 have any siblings ? (Hui Lin)

Will you woo no.3? (Carmen)
She my gan mummy worx.. o.o

How about no.7? (Gaf)
No Way? Sorwie Gaf :3

Is no.4 single? (Hui Min)
Yupps, but her heart is taken too(:

What is the surname of no.5 ? (Bao Yin)
Dunnoe o.o

What is the hobby of no.10 ? (somebody)
To continue being a somebody

Does no.5 and 9 get along well ? (Bao Yin, Lydia)
Don't know each other?

Where is no.2 studying at? (Kwan Tyng)
Mayflower Primary

Talk something actually about no. 1. (Hui Lin)
My dearest mei forever :D

Have you tried developing feelings for no.8 ? (Zheng Yuan)
Er? No Way and he gort stead anyway.. -,-

Where does no.9 live at? (Lydia)
In singapore

What colour does no. 4 like ? (Hui Min)
Purple, Blue and Black

Are no.5 and no.1 best friend ? (Hui Lin and Bao Yin)
Dunnoe each other? o.o

Does no.1 have any pets ? (Hui Lin)
Dont think so

Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world ? (Gaf)
Er, eww, NO? Sooo sorwie, Gaf :\

What is no.10 doing now ? (Somebody)
Being a somebody
Woo! Todae gort PSLE english paper 1&2! So easy sia! I finished it within one hour then i was like sleeping down there.. LOL.. then at th last 30mins i checked again i realized that gort some questions answers wrong then i go changed.. so DAMN lucky gort checked if not die liaox.. HAHAAS.. finish-ed liaox went home.. sianx.. i was like 'WTFH!The time why todae go so slow de arrx?' LOL.. After that read one book then found this poem.. Hahaas..
Time is too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice,
But for those who love,
Time is eternity
LOL.. so damn true sia..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PAISEH ALL.. My blog was kena hacked so paiseh bout all the porn pictures, i repeat, My blog was hacked so it was NOT me.. but i deleted all the pics liaos.. and changing password :D soo damnn PAISEH!!! >.<