Friday, November 19, 2010

15112010 ; monday . Scape @ Somerset .
First day of Boot camp. HEHEE. Had fun. (Y) But nothing much happened. Joined w/ other schools like Commonwealth, River Valley & Woodgrove. :) All secondary lah .. Hmmm , presented army daze but th result was damn shag .

16112010 ; tuesday . Classroom @ school .
Second day of Boot camp. Funfunfun! Changed script. Gotten the play "Lanterns Never Go Out" . Rehearsed. Blablabla. FUN disiao-ing Mr Thomas. Makan-ing w/ him was damn \m/ . HAHAA.

17112010 ; wednesday . Sky Park @ Vivo city .
No school today. Gotten pay, 2digits only lah. Damn sian. ): Gonna chiong hardhard when work resume liao. ): Had farewell party for Angeline & Birthday celebration for Antonia. :B FUN , WEEHEE.

18112010 ; thursday . Classroom @ school .
Third day of Boot camp. AWESOMESTT! Rehearsed "Lanterns Never Go Out" . Vocal exercise. HAHA. Fun. AWESOMEST drama session lah ! (Y) After drama went E492's chalet , FUNFUNFUN ! \m/ With 2B2010's chalet coming veryvery SOON , this holiday is gonna get AWESOMER ! :B ohya, Mr Thomas told me something , hope it will be positive . Twist fingers* :P

19112010 ; friday (today) . Scape @ Somerset .
Forth & last day of Boot camp. Presented "Lanterns Never Go Out" to the other 3 schools . Commonwealth did "Army Daze". WOO . I vote Gold w/ Honors ! :D Ours is silver , WOO ! TEEHEE . :B

HAHAH. My comp spoilt so these few days never use comp. Today finally can use comp update facebook & blog . HEHEE . So i squeeze everything into 1 post . Hmmm , shall go bathe liao , daddy nagging . :/ TTFN , :D .

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm sorry.

Haish. Seriously, BAD day @ work today man. ): I'm sorry, everyone. I let you guys down, especially Ryan aka Ah Liang. :/ Sorry. Seriously. But today seriously is bad location lor. Noelle also battery flat k. :x Haiya. Don't care liao lah. Over means over bah.

I tried.
I did my best,
I really did.
Sorry for letting you guys down.
Sorry for letting YOU down.
I know you're very disappointed,
But i'm sorry.
I've tried.
I really did.
At the end of every bad day i had,
You always smiled & asked me not to worry.
You always cheer me up by telling me,
"Tomorrow will be a GOOD day :)."
But at the end of today,
Which is another bad day,
When you didn't smile nor wasn't the positive you,
I know you are damn disappointed.
I know you're in deep shit,
Screwed up,
Finding reasons to cover our asses.
Especially mine.
But i've really tried my best.
I tried not giving up,
But at the very last min,
I broke down.
I still gave up.
But i''ve tried.
I really did.
But i still had to disappoint you in the end.
I'm sorry ..
I really am.