Thursday, January 27, 2011

HEYYO PEOPLE. I'm seriously missing sec3'11 camp days NOW. :/ HAHAH, what can i do also. Anyways, today was... interesting? Eng lesson. Compo test. Like shit only! ): Damn disappointed.. My eng deproved~ ): Maths, went through maths homework. Chem, went through worksheets, i think. Can't remember, was zoning my way through chem. Recess stayed in class. Listened to song w/ Sultan. Then w/ Yengyin. Then read a bit. Chinese lesson. Compo test. PROUD OF MYSELF YEAH! Completed whole of 1 compo w/o stopping. SO HAPPAYE! (Y) V.E . Fun , as usual ! HAHAHA . Lessons w/ Mr Lee are always fun ! \m/ AND FUNNY TOO ! "Use their grandmothers to shield them." HAHAHA. After school went to the first OM meeting of th year. Since i'm involved in dramaclub SYF, i can't be in OM's main 7. AWWWW. And i was looking forward to it so much toooo! DDDDD: Oh well. Nevermind then, i'm not good anyway. Must let someone better take over so that th team can win! HOHO. :B After that went school opposite makan lunch w/ Xiaoxue hubby , Kitson , Fievel , Yang Fan , Jian Qian & Jonathan P: . Walked to school again~ Slacked w/ Jian Qiang & Jonathan at 2nd level classrooms. STOLE ORANGES FROM OUTSIDE GENERAL OFFICE ! (Y) Went to watch soccer match between Beatty sec & Bishan Park sec @ school field. Went around school awhile. HOHO. Jonathan bluffed 1 of th table tennis guys that th orange he was holding is a table tennis ball! He threw it down and that table tennis dude hit it. OMFWTH. Damn hilarious!! After that, watched table tennis for awhile. Went foyer slacked after that then went off w/ Joey. HAHAH.

Shall go off nao. Wanna read up a bit before i sleep. NIGHTS PEOPLE. <3>

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wish upon a shooting star

BACK FROM SEC3 CAMP YO! GOSH, I MISS INSTRUCTORS HUI KANG (HK) & JUDITH ! ): THEY ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :/ Camp was, needless to say, without a freakin' doubt, AWESOME! SHIT. I can go on bout how much i freaking miss all the instructors, especially HK (Hui Kang) , Judith & Wayne (Dove) ! They are awesome people ! ROCK ON GUYS !! If my wish were to come true, that'll be GREAT! I'll wish that Wayne, Hui Kang & Judith can exchange contacts w/ us ! & we can have reunion meetups w/ 'em! HAISH ! They're , by far , the best instructors and people i've met ! ♥You guys did an AWESOME job , continue to rock on ! & continue to be awesome , in other students' lives as well ! LOVE YOU GUYS MAX ! ♥ PEACE OUT YO !


Genevieve :
HEYYO SEXAYE! HAHAHA! You are one of the good friends i have man! Always helping me in times of need, being there whenever i need you, entertaining me whenever i'm bored, making me smile whenever i'm down & giving me helpful and useful advices whenever i'm confused. :) You're always having a smile on your face, making people smile even if that person is down. You can do a lot of things that normal girls aren't able to do. And you rock for having that "ability" ! (; HAHAZ. Continue to rock on gal! THANKS for being so naise! Love ya! ♥

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dedications ;)

HAHAHAH. More dedications ! (x


Vanessa Ng :
HELLO BABY BITCH ♥ !! Your 2nd dedications , heehs. THANKS for all the things you've done for me. Stop being so emo k! WOW, we've known each other only for 2years & we've been through so much!! Heng that time our friendship didn't get broken cos of your bii. P: I've seen you go through so much manz. Emo, happy, sad, angry, blahblah. :B I still remember that the day we know each other, we were oh-so-close already. :) HEHEH. I'm so luckaye to have you as my sista! (Y) You've matured so much over the past 2years! Stay strong gal! Never give up on the person you love for the person you like. Cos the person you like will leave you for the person he loves. / People only knows how to search for the things they don't have . When actually they should be treasuring the things they already have. Hope you understand what that 2 sentences mean. ;) THANKS for always standing by me no matter what, ROCK ON GAL! ♥

Poh Jia Wen :
HELLO PRETTAYE! (Y) THANKS for being such an AWESOME friend! you were there to cheer me on whenever i need some cheering up. You were there to help me whenever i needed help. And you always try to understand and put yourself in people's shoes, and you're really awesome for doing that. Thanks for always being so nice & friendly. (; You're really a nice friend that anybody would L-O-V-E to have! ♥ You're pretty, really truly seriously from the bottom of my heart. HEHE :B THANKS for being such a nice and lovable friend, PEACE OUT! HAHA. ♥


My own post :
HOHOH. It's 3january2011 nao. School reopens tomorrow! ): SHAG. Need to reach school by 630-640am. Needa meet Sherrie, Shikin, Gloria, Yih Ann, Poh Yin & loadsa people! HOHO. Not bringing every subjects' books tomorrow, hope i don't get scolded for that. :/ Haiyah. Wanna go shower & sleep le. Still waiting for someone to text me. HAHA. :/ Aiyah. Go le lah. If anybody still wants your dedications, tag me or write on my wall. Or simply, tell me. (; I ain't gonna do dedications unless you tell me. HOHO. Kthnxbai. <:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dedications (;

OMS. HAHA. Those dedications are killing me! ): I think i shall do only those that bothered to ask me again for their dedications or those seriously important to me. (;


Cheryl Tay :
YOU SEXY GAL. HOHO , ♥ . Thanks for all the laughters & fun you gave me. Miss bitching bout stuffs w/ you, especially cheena cat murderer w/ the stupided guailan beng face. <: HEHE. Meetup soon alright! (Y) Mustmust go out more together lerh! HAHAH. We'll have so much fun! I can remember you guys getting into troubles & me thinking "Haish, again?" :/ BLUE NOTEBOOK CLUB. HAHAH. Quit that club asap lah, k? :) THANKS for your laughters! PEACE! \m/

Darren Wong :
HELLO DIDI. HAHAH. THANKS FOR ENTERTAINING ME ALWAYS! (Y) You literally cheer me up almost everyday, & i really truly from the bottom of my heart thank you max for that. You have no idea how important of a bro & friend you are to me, ♥. Always cheering me on & entertaining me when i'm bored & needed entertainment. HAHAH. You always cared for me. You're such a nice bro, words ain't enough to describe your importance to me! HAHAH. Be guai & stop being guailan! :D HAHAH. THANKS for everything you've done for me, i really truly seriously from the bottom of my heart appreciates them! ROCK ON BOY! \m/

Poh Yin :
HELLO SISTA. HOHOHO. Thanks for caring me always, ♥. You always think maturely although you can be quite a sotong head sometimes! :P You're growing up, becoming more and more mature each day. Stay strong girl! But, giveup on him, he's a jerk! I believe there are many nicer, better guys out there for you! HAHAH. POKES FAMILY FTW! THANKS for being so caring towards me. STAY CUTE! \m/

Gloria (the sexist) :
HELLO SEXY! WOAH. We were once haters towards each other manz. :/ I wronged you that time, sorry! (Y) Anyways, you're as important to me as icecreams are! HAHAH. And icecreams are super important k, w/o them, idk how to survive. Anyway, back to your dedications. Don't want YOUR dedications to become icecreams' dedication, right. <: HEHE. I've seen you go through so much! You've matured so much over the past 1year that i've known you manz! And grown prettier too! HAHAH. Stay strong strong girl! ♥ Don't drip a tear for guys that ain't worth it, cos the only guy that's worth your tears is the one that will never make you cry. Remember that. Don't break down so easily next time girl! If you ever need someone to talk to, or need a shoulder to cry on, just call me. I'm just 8numbers away. THANKS for everything girl! STAY PRETTY! \m/

HELLO LOVE ! HAHAH ! WOAH , we've known each other for 5years already! I feel old. ): HEHEZ. :B Miss hanging out w/ you oh-so-much! ♥ I remember the days when we're both in Girls' Bridgate! I still remember our word is cherish. HAHA. (: Remember how we would go crazy on msn. HAHAH. Prettaye, ♥. I seriously miss you max. ): Words can't describe the importance of you to me. HEHE. :B THANKS for everything!! Missing you max. ♥ \m/

Jo Ee (My sexy love) :
HEYYO SEXAYE! HAHA. You're oh-so-important to me! Laughs. I miss talking bout him, bout love & bout life w/ you!. ): And, I still remember how i got to know you! By knowing the news of that you're Alfred's Girlf. HAHAH. Than i know you after knowing that news. HAHAH. &! it was raining that day. WOW, that day will be etched in my mind forever. HAHAH. :B Don't be sad that it's over, but be happy that it was once yours. Stay strong girl! ♥ Don't ever break down so easily, don't ever emo & don't ever ever EVER waste tears on guys that ain't worth it kay! (; Anything you can just call or text me. Like i said many times & again, i'm just 8numbers away! I will definitely make time for you. (Y) You are truly really seriously from the bottom of my heart important to me, ♥. I can't imagine life w/o you. (; HEHEH. THANKS for EVERYTHING. ROCK ON SEXY! \m/

And, the next 3 dedications are dedications for 3 very special people who are very important to me. Always looking out for me every day & every occasion of my life. Even though they didn't ask me for dedications, i think they deserve my time to do the dedications for them, ♥.
The dedications are NOT in any special arrangement. Just because your dedication is the 3rd or it's the last, doesn't mean i don't love you as much. (:

Malcolm :
You stupided gay. HAHAHA. THANKS for everything you've done for me! For always looking out for me, for always cheering me on, for always encouraging me, for not giving up on me & for always having faith in me! Even though you guailan me bout my height too much laaaah! ): HEHE, and my YAMI YOGHURTS!? I just had them today w/ family. LOVELY! ♥ HAHAH. Thanks for always giving me advices. Only you , Sherrie & Shikin have the patience to control me, hahaha! Words really cannot describe the importance of you to me, and definitely cannot describe the place of you in my heart. T-H-A-N-K-S ! ♥

Sherrie :
HELLO YOU SEXY BIATCH. :D HEHE. THANKS for everything you've done for me! WOW, we've know each other for about 5years! HAHAH. I remember we started out as enemies for 2years then became friends. VERY close friends! (Y) HAHAH. All the sick jokes, the funny talks, the hilarious bitching & the h2h talks. I really treasure & cherished all the things between our friendship, ♥. Words really cannot describe the importance of you to me, and definitely cannot describe the place of you in my heart. T-H-A-N-K-S ! ♥

Shikin :
HELLO!! How's your leg? HAHAH. THANKS for everything you've done for me! I can still remember the picture you drew for me on my bird day. HAHAHAH. And how i would crazily call you SHIKINNIE! HAHAHA. I miss calling you that. ): HAHAH. I can't wait for school to reopen so that i can talk to you soon. HAHAH. Our friendship will never be replaced! :D Words really cannot describe the importance of you to me, and definitely cannot describe the place of you in my heart. T-H-A-N-K-S ! ♥


PHEW. DONE. :) Stupid computer keep don't allow me to C&P my lil' cute ♥. HOHO. These few dedications are, again, NOT arranged in any particular orders and such. Just because your dedication's first, doesn't mean that i'm biased to you. And, just because your dedication's last, doesn't mean that i don't love you any lesser than the rest, ♥. :)

My own post :
Today pretty much stayed at home the whole day. :/ Camped on the sofa watching crime shows. HAHAH. Let sist use my comp. Gotta let bro use after i'm done w/ this post. Hmmm, evening went dinner w/ dad , sist & bro. After dinner went bishan's Popular to buy stationery for school. HAHAH. I'm prepared yow! Laughs! After that went to someplace to buy Sherrie Ahsoh's bird day prezzie~ YAWNS. Gotta get off the comp to go wash up & wrap Sherrie's belated bird day prezzie already. HAHAH! Anyways, NIGHTS PEOPLE! ♥ PEACE OUT YO!