Friday, October 29, 2010

2B'2010 is the best class ever ! :DD
Today is 291010 , first day of the official End of year holidays.
& i got woken up by my alarm. Than the maid. Than my father. ): HEHE. Anyways. Yesterday was saded max! Last day w/ 2B'2010! Weeeeeell, not really i guess. Cos of class chalet, but not the whole of 2B'2010 will be there. DD: Hmmm. Yesterday was fun max too. HAHAH. Classroom cleaning = playing with water & throwing our science books around. HOHO.

2B'2010 ; AWESOMEST peeps i'll ever meet in my whole entire life. (R)
After classroom cleaning, got our class photos (Y) , booklist for 2011 (SIANIFIED!) & camwhored like siao. Since it's the last day, we played like siao max. HAHAH. Mr Pang was like, "It's the last day of school alr & you guys still wanna get into trouble again?" HEH. :X After that , Mrs Sim gave her "speech" , HAHAHS.

2B'2010 ; i LOVE you guys to the freaking max! (L)
After school went hub w/ Sherrie to buy earrings @ Watts In. She gifted me one pair of cross earrings \m/ ! After that went to makan lunch. Than Sherrie walked me to back gate than zhao home, while i zhao to Drama. THANKS Sexy Sherrie Soh for accompanying me! :D

AWESOMEST & most treasured moments & memories! (Y)
Drama was maybe kinda sorta fun. Playing quite a few warm up games. I especially like Name Tags & Space Invasion. :> Rehearse for the SYF piece. I slept when i wasn't needed in the rehearsal. OPPS :X HEHE. After drama , daddy came & fetched me home~

1B'2009 , 2B'2010 . I'll never forget you guys!! \m/
After drama. Home-edd & makan. Prepared & went off to meet Connie. HAHAH. Played NX & Jubeat xD . Went vl & all . Walked to meet Joel . HAHA . Shuqi & Samantha couldn't come down ): Hmmm , slacked w/ Joel & cat . HAHAH . Listened to songs & chatted bout a lot of things . Especially bout 2B'2010 ~ After that bus-edd . Home sweet home <3>

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday (21102010) , the most epic thing that happened was ;
2B's girls lost to the boys in Taboo. Needa do 'chicken dance' @ th middle of th parade square as forfeit. :/ In th end, had so much fun that in th end, th boys did too. :D Yeah, i'm super happy that at least my class is bonded to do it together, even though it's kinda maybe sorta embarrassing. :X

Today (22102010) , the most epic thing that happened was ;
(This is what my classmates wanted to do for a veeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyy long time but only [finally] got this chance to do it today.)
(Moments like these are definitely gonna be missed max.)
Th whole of 2B fake sleep than when Mrs Sim & Mr Pang came in, they were quite shocked. The just stood & stare for a few moments with this shocked face LOL . But in th end , we couldn't take it any more and laughed our heads off (Y) . LURVVE MY CLASS MAX ! (L) Hees .

..... And SANTA CLAUS too :P

What's expected of tomorrow (23102010) ;
Morning ~ Early-afternoon :
Breakfast @ mc w/ huimin jie. Go her school whatever outing thingie.
Mid-afternoon ~ late-afternoon :
Bathe , tidy & pack up . Get ready . Whatever . Etc. etc. Meet Ju Si they all .
Evening :
Head over to Night Safari .
Night :
Prepare to scream our (or high chance, mine only) heads off ! ~

HEHS . Gonna have an AWESOME & fun day tomorrow . But night safari's not confirmed :X HOHOHO .

Last AWESOME news,
At first i was in 3B'11 but than , a second thru-train class opened & i am in the second thru-train class !! So , YAYNESS MUCH!. 3A'11 , THROUGH-TRAIN , HERE I COME . Bye 3B'11 :O . Sorry guys . )): Seriously gonna miss you guys . But i guess that when such a chance is in front of me , i have to grab it . :/ Hope you guys understand >< .


Sunday, October 17, 2010

HOHOHO , gonna updates ~

HOHOHO. Last paper! :D After school went home. Sue came too. :> We changed, makan-edd, comp-edd & waitedd than finally left house. Mrt-edd to bugis to buy tickets for Eat. Pray. Love. ^^ . Mrt-edd to City Hall to wait for Alfian. :o Went Dhoby's zone x to play Pump fiesta. Eew max. It sucks max can. Anyways, after that went Plaza sing walkwalk. Than mrt-edd back to Bugis. Makan-edd mac than went to movie. Overall th movie is okay; 3.5/5 :B Hmmm , than went walkkkk than went makan-edd dinner than mrt-edd back to AMK w/ sue while Alfian went back home. Played arcade than went off. Homey ♥
Remember our next "date" of watching Paranormal Activity 2 together ar. :D

HEHEHE. Forgotten morning. Afternoon at vl saw Clara & Clarissa. Slacked w/ them. Went hub than saw Joseph. Slacked. Than Poh Yin came :B Went mac slacked w/ them. They thought me and him stead LOL ? Than ahsam came. Camwhored siao. Than accompany Joseph to mrt to home, Clara, Clarissa & Poh Yin left. Than me, Samantha & Claudine camwhored. (Idk when Claudine came into th peekture but yeahh.) Than awhile later went off liao. Homey ♥
Remember our Saturday "date" ar. :B

HAHAHA. Morning nothing much. Stone-ed & Rotted @ home. Afternoon went to meet Ivy. :D Pass Jia En th hamster stuffs than went hub. Met Claudine. Met Brandon. Went home to change. Ivy came too. :> Changed, Makan-edd & comp-edd than went off. :> Went J8 to meet Claudine & Brandon. Than Patricia came before Malcolm came. Went to opp. Catholic.HS there. Waited while Ivy & Claudine went to find Yok Hui's house. Couldn't find then we walked Ivy to th BBQ Pits there tgt. Found them. We slacked at other side while Ivy slacked w/ her class. Awhile later we left. Went J8 awhile. Brandon left. Slackedd. Than went makan dinner @ mac. Claudine's dad blanja. :o Claudine went off for tuition w/ her dad. Joke & laughed like mad at mac w/ Malcolm, Patricia & Ivy. Then Malcolm left. Shortly after that Patricia left. Walked back to th BBQ Pits w/ Ivy. Slacked w/ th classes. Watched them Basketball awhile. Burned leaves w/ Ivy, Jonathan & some other peepos which i forgotten their names. Went off t bus w/ Ivy & Nickson. Than homey ♥ .
Something happened there which pisses me off max. I shall not post th details here but you can find out @ facebook. :B

LALALA. Morning went to find Vanessa & Brian. Slacked ard @ AMKHub. Went to buy wrapper to wrap Darren's bird day prezzie :D . Vanessa & Brian went off. Went to find Darren , Ahkor & his friend . They going good speed so i went off. Went to find JJ. Slacked w/ him. Went yishun mall to slack w/ Malcolm. Went to meet Claudine @ home. Slacked w/ Claudine while Malcolm went off to his lalalandz (In his sleep) :} . Mrt-edd down to Dhoby mrt. Waited for Ahsam. Went to meet Waiyin, Chuen Heng, William & James @ Just Asia (I think) LOL . Dinner-edd than went zone x to pump fiesta. After that went star factory @ Plaza sing. :> Jubeat-edd & fish game. ^^ Mrt back than homey ♥ .

TRALALA. School in morning. Got back 4 subject's results. Passed all 3 subjects 'cept maths :x Hmmm. Went home. Makan-edd , comp-edd & waited. Than went to find Ahsam. Went to J8 to meet Waiyin ^^ . Bus-ed down tgt to Nathalie's house for CGM (Cell Group Meeting) :D After CGM , went for dinner nearby . Bus-ed home w/ Ahsam. ♥
I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ E492 !! :D

HOHOHO. Forgotten morning. Afternoon went to meet Ahsam. Mrt-edd down to Expo. Makan @ Subway. Saw Sebastian & Yengyin. :B Than had Bible study when Waiyin came. After that, walked to CityHarvet (Expo's) . ♥ Service was AWESOME ^^ . Left @ 7.10pm )): Reached amk, daddy fetched me. Went to some chinese thingie. Uhhh, after that vl-edd. Bus-edd home after that. (:
E492 is my forever ♥s !

Yesterday ; 19102010
HOHOHO. School nothing much. After school something FUCKED UP happened. Just cos of a stolen phone, the whole of 2B ('cept absentees , Minyi & Haida) , were stuck in class since 1245pm!. Cannot even check chinese paper!! GO&DIE LAH!! -'- Than we about 4.20~4.30pm than can leave siial! Cannot eat, cannot walk around, cannot go toilet in pairs (LOL) but sucker lah. -.- After that, home & makan-ed. Walked to meet Qi Hui & Tian Xin. Called Clara but she didn't pick up. :o Called Shuqi ~~ :D Met Shuqi alr, than th 4 of us walked to Mc. Met Sebastian, Abbie aka Yengyin & Genevieve. Makan-ed McFlurry ♥ . Than after that walked back to th back of AMKSS. Slacked. Sebastian & Yengyin went off. Shuqi went off. Left us. HEHE. Joel came. Chatted bout The Child's Eyes, Old Change Hospital, Ghosts stories bout some schools & the missing train stations in MRT. :B Genevieve went off. Than th rest of us walked to mc (AGAIN LOL) After that walked to bus station. Bus-ed home. Qi Hui, Tian Xin & Joel bodyguard-edd me home ! :D Sim card got confiscated so phone is as well as GONE. ._. Fuck maaaaaaaaaai lifeee ~ D:
HOHOHO. I ♥ my friends at times like these ~ :B

Sunday, October 10, 2010

HAHAHA ! Today was nice . :3
Morning .
Hougang t makan breakfast w/ daddy & bro .
Genting road there t buy ingredients .
Yengyin's house to slack w/ her & Sebastian .
Homey .
Afternoon .
Out to Clarke quay central .
Met Angeline .
Went pet shop nearby her dance place & play w/ rabbit .
Went t buy sticky ♥
Went t find Angeline again .
Left. Mrt-edd to Little India to meet that pig ~
Gave him 1 pack of sticky ~
Sat there .
Mrt-edd to Bishan than sat there .
Peii that pig mrt home cos i have waaaaaay too much free time .
Sat at th mrt station & chatted w/ that pig .
Pig gottago than zhao first
Mrt-edd back t YCK station .
Needa buy $2 cos i stayed in th mrt station thingie too long .
"Over-used/over-stayed in th mrt"
Tapped in @ 5.10pm , tapped out @ 7.17pm .
But as long as i gotta spent time w/ that pig ,
It's worth it .
Hmmm ,
Than bus-edd home .

Sadded to the max can. Pig go back school liao . >: He should be in school now le bah . I didn't know sports school so stress siiol , pity pig max . ><>
Updated liao ah , shall stop here .
Kthnxbye. :B

Squidward + Squid freak = SQUID COUPLEEEEEE ! (Y)
Wanna stuff a squid up his arse since he loves squid so much . And wanna puke in her mouth for stealing other girl's stead . :> I will do that if i happen to bump into them , better watch out k. :)