Thursday, April 11, 2013


Just a short post on my few good friends (;

Nothing much to blog bout her. The one that stayed by my side through thick or thin, highs and lows. Stayed when everybody else was leaving. My counselor, companion, friend, buddy, life-long friend, life-changing buddy. My wingless angle. :) And i really thank God for her. :) Love her so so much. And i can see her still in my life years down the road. And i can see her still in my life when we get old together. My closest friend, companion, buddy and my wingless angel. I love you dearest. (:

My character-clashing buddy. Love her to bits. Don't have the perfect friendship but every memories, every moments are perfect. Always laughing and joking around with her. Always encouraging me and pushing me forward in life, especially in my studies. Even if i gave up and sleep, she'll wake me up and ask me to do. Never-ending thanks to God for placing her in my life. Even if we don't end up spending our whole entire life together as best of friends (which i doubt actually ), I really thank God for you and i really thank you for always tolerating this bull temper of mine and for tolerating my shits. HAHAS! I love you girlfriend. (:

My closest guy friend EVER. Stayed with me through thick and thin. Knows almost all of my secrets. He knows the most actually. We may not be as close as before but you don't have to stay in contact with your friend every day and every second to know that they are still you BEST friend. Love how we can never get awkward with each other no matter how long we don't talk. Eternal thanks to God for placing you in my life. And thank you, for staying with me. No matter how unreasonable i get sometimes, you still tolerated me and stayed with me. Thank you for that. I will never forget you nor whatever you've done for me. Can't imagine where i will be in life right now if not for you. BIGGEST thanks to you for changing me. Bringing me back to the right path again and again and never giving up on me no matter how many times i went back to the old ways. Thank you. I love you. :)

I'm jealous of your name. SO COOL CAN. ): HAHA. Anyway, we may not be the closest but i really thank you for being such a great and amazing friend. Thanks for always tolerating my shits, again and again. HEHE. Really glad i can be me when i'm with you. Never running out of topics to talk about with you. And i know i can trust you. Thanks for gaining my trust haha. Hope to become closer friends with you. Going out more often and knowing each other better. :) Can't wait till the next time we go out again! ^^ Thanking God for such an amazing friend like you and thank you for being my friend. Love you sis! (:

Shall blog again soon i guess. Adios for now (:

"The circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." ~ Mewtwo, The Pokemon Movie.