Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010's dedications (; (Part 1)

DEDICATION TIME! HEHE. :B Every part will have only 10 people. :)


Sue Lyanna :
One of my beloved daughters! You were always there for me whenever i needed you(: AND, i thank you loads for that! You never fail to contaminate me with your CRAZY LAUGHTERS. HAHA. My crazy girl! No matter what, know that i'll always love ya alrights! HEHE. Last long with that Alf. He bully you let me know ah! (Y) Such crazy laughters, now they're stuck in my mind! HEHEH. Thanks for always contaminating me with your crazy laughters! CHEERS! \m/

Vanessa Ng :
One of my beloved crazy girlfriend, bestfriend & sister! You were always there for me through thick and thin. STOP THINKING YOU ARE FAT, COS YOU'RE NOT! (: Love your own body. You're not fat ok! HAHAH. I so love our h2h talks! (Y) HAHA. You're a sweet, caring friend. x3 Nothing can break our friendship & sistership alright! THANKS for everything you've done for me, iloveyouokay! ROCK ON MY SISTER! \m/

Junior Tantono :
One of my beloved classmate & funny friend! Always there to make me laugh with your jokes & insults. :/ Your insults can be both insulting & funny at the same time, and i likey that! (Y) Your jokes are damn unique. I so love the way you can make me laugh, even if i'm supposed to be angry at you or something! HAHAH. I will continue to be 1 numb ahead of you, HEHEH. P: THANKS for always cracking me up with your unique jokes! Continue to be 1 of the class clowns alrighttiies! Stay funny! \m/

Brendan Pang :
One of my beloved friend! Always there whenever i need someone to chat or pour my heart out too! And whenever i'm pissed and need to vent out my anger, you're always there to listen to my rantings & craps. HAHAH. (Y) Thanks for being my teacher, you've help me A LOT & i am really grateful for that, seriously. You (& with the help of Eddy) , helped me studied and i managed to go into 3A2(11) . THANKS for having such great patience to deal with me. Continue to be GREAT alright! \m/

Mark Chung :
One of my beloved friend! Always there to entertain me. HOHOH. I've known you for at least 5years right? HAHAH. Talking to you is always easy, never running out of topics to talk about, (Y). Whenever i need to rant about Supra or shoes, i can automatically find you, :D Thanks for introducing me Supra! THANKS for always being so nice to entertain me. Continue to be so NICE alrightties! \m/

Fong Jin Huan :
One of my beloved sister! Always there whenever i needed help! A huge THANKS for always helping me, especially when i'm in trouble or in need of something! (Y) You're always cheering me up whenever i'm down. And we will never run out of topics to talk, HAHAH! Thanks for always singing with me. iloveyouuuuuuuu! x3 THANKS for always being so helpful. Continue to be so helpful alright! (: Just don't be cheated, you're way too nice already lah! \m/

Connie Sim :
One of my beloved sister! Always there for me whenever i needed advice on love. HAHAH. I've known you for what - gazillion years already! HAHAH. My dear old friend & sister. THANKS for being so nice. STOP MIA-ING! ): HEHEH.Always teasing me 'bout who i like and stuffs. (Y) iloveyoumuchmuch! x3 Last long with your hot boyf alrighttiies! THANKS for always teasing me and being so caring! CHEERS! \m/

Jovinna 260409 :
One of my beloved sister! Always encouraging me in love, HAHAH. (Y) Thanks for all your encouragements! They DO help, A LOT. STOP being so nicey to me, later i become addicted to your nice-ness. HEHE :B . You're sexy, stop saying you're not. OMS, what kind of dedications are these. ): MEETUP soon leh, miss hanging out w/ you & the gang. (; HEHE. THANKS for always encouraging me, they help a lot! ROCK ON GIRL! \m/

Jasling Chin :
One of my beloved junior! HAHAH. I've known you for quite some time already. You're nice, i like you. LOL. You've potential babe. Grown prettier over the years. (Y) You didn't recognise me the last time i saw you! You were just in front of me summore. :/ HEH. Thanks for chatting & entertaining me whenever i'm bored. Or helping me whenever i needed help. Heees. THANKS for being such awesome junior! Stay awesome! \m/


Lazy post liao! Tomorrow! (Y)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sorry for the late post people. :X

24122010 , Friday , Christmas Eve :
HAHAH, Went to E492's christmas party @ Simei. HAHHA. Appreciation time is SO NICE & AWESOMEEEE!! I SO ♥ E492 & WAI YIN !! :D After that went Expo's CHC for service ! AWESOME SERVICE ALRIGHT ! :D

25122010 , Saturday , CHRISTMAS :
HEHE. :B IT'S CHRISTMAS! Waited for Kaili , Cck , Ju Si & Min . Had steamboat :d ! (Cos it's CHRISTMAS!) (Y) Went service again with E492 (♥) ! HAHAH , home-ed after that then had own christmas celebration w/ family . (:

26122010 , Sunday , Boxing day :
- Bytheway, boxing day means Opening presents day -
Morning went Jo's house to drag him come CHC. SHIIIT, left my specs at his house, cos i wore my contacts. Sianszcx. Guess can only take it back when i see him on Saturday for service. PSST, This coming Saturday is gonna be the FIRST service for 2011, COOL OR WHAT. P: Had another AWESOME service w/ E492 (♥) . The very LAST christmas service . ): "Last Christmas, i gave you my heart. And the very next year we're moving away~" YAY, CHC's moving to Suntec City next year!! :D AWESOME OR AWESOME?! <: Anyway, after service went lunch w/ them. Them as in Wai Yin , Chuen Heng , Cck , Kaili , Joshua , Hui Min , Kristie , Jia Li , Malcolm & William . Sorry to those whom i left out your name! :X I forgotten le.. :'x After lunch (@Bedok) , went McDonald's to slack . Played Monopoly Deal , chitchatted then left. Went AMK . Went job interview for Gurney Drive @ AMK's Jubilee . HAHAH . Trainings starts on Wednesday . :/ After that , dinner-edd @ house area . Malcolm & Tian Xin joined my family for dinner too . HEHE . Good laaaah, they. Free dinner. P: After that went hub's arcade to slack. Played NX PIU. SHAG. After i start working, my skill drop so much ah. ): Should start to play NX more le. D; Went CRAZY at arcade! Played party sprays w/ Malcolm , Clara & Qi Xian . Sian or what ! My slippers broke while playing! :X Poor Qi Xian. He walked to McDonald's car park w/ me barefooted cos he let me use his slippers, HAHAHA. :X Got on dad's lorry, returned slippers & HOMESWEETHOME(:


Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOHOHO. Gonna leave singapore in about few mins time. ): SADDDDDD. HAHAH, only few days i like say till few months or years ._. Whatev. Baibaiz, <:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

HOHOHO. Finally got my ass out of laziness. :B Anyway, today was fun \m/ . Morning went kbox session w/ Jonathan, Jin Huan & Shi Da. Shi Da half way got callbacks, tsk. Why you got callbacks me no have? >: Anywayyyyys, after kbox went hub. Bought movie tickets. HAHAH. Called ahru. Went arcade. (Y) JUBEAT. Bought popcorns & stuffs then went movie theater. Watched Rapunzel (again) :P . Anywayyyys, after movie ate sushi. After that Jin Huan went off while me and ahru walked to bus stop. Saw Mei Yang & Chloe. Ate icecreams (Y) (L). Hmmms, bus-ed home, changed, makan-ed & bus-edd & met-edd to Toa payoh. AHAH. Worked. Blahblahblah. Shall leave out the boring stuffs. Shall go shower nao, baibaiz. <:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YAY, finally got my helix piercing! :D HAPPY MAX. Thanks Patricia! (:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HELLO ! (: HAHAHA . Imma post bout yesterday.

Woke up @ 9am . Comp & rot at home till 2pm . Peii ahmin go J8 buy her things than went to makan Yami yoghurts (Y) ! MALCOLM , YOU STILL OWE ME MY YOGHURT D; HAHAHA. Hmmmm , than mrt-edd to amk station . Shi Da came . Then waited for Wei Sheng . Mrt-edd to Bugis than walked to the building . o: Had the briefing . I think i'm the only 14years old there , the rest like , graduated le lor . HEHE . Finished briefing , went makan at bugis junction . After that went the movie there than decide where to go next . Went to Mrt . At first gonna go Clarke Quay , but last min change to Marina Barrage . :/ HAHAHA , went there . Bought kite than walked up . o: I played the kite first . Than Wei Sheng than Shi Da . HAHAH . Shi Da , you sure you never play before ? -.- SO PRO LOR . :x Hmmm , than took A LOT A LOT of pictures using Wei Sheng's camera . HAHAH . DO RE ME ~ I'm the shortest D; After that went back amk , while Wei Sheng went back home . Went to help Shi Da photocopy the job briefing paper since he left it at bugis . LOL . Hmmm , home-edd . Comp , wash up , then zzzz .

DEAD TIRED, but AWESOME. (; HEHE , those 4 words pretty much sums up how my day was yesterday. HOHOHO. Gonna go 6C'08 chalet later. Can't wait! XD I wanna see everybody agiain~ I MISS YOU GUYS D; HEHE. Than monday gonna go Clarissa's house with Clara. Gonna fly kite ! (': HEHE . Than , Thursday gonna go movie . "Official" Pokes family's outing (With the extra guys) LOLOL . Okok , not extra . Just "non-pokes family" members. :>

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HOHOHO , HELLO . Long time never post :D So many things happened during these few days .

2B2010's chalet ;
DAMN FUN. Nuff' said. :) Gonna miss you guys maxmaxmaxmax. ♥ Best of the best class eva ! AWESOMEST . LOL .
Xiaoxue's chalet ;
SHIOKNESS. But yeahh. Whole chalet was FLOODED. YES, FLOODED. :D Everybody, cept' 5 peepos, were DRIPPING WET! (Y) Whip cream , water and even BUTTER :P HEH.

BLABLABLA. BORED. Stupid house like hell hole liddat :o Ain't nice to stay at home. HEHE.HAD funfunfun today w/ some of the Pokes members :) LOVEYOUGUYSMAXMAXMAXMAX :)


Gotten my blue contacts today ! :d