Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warhhs. Din expect my rl mother to let me use com. zzz.
Paisehhh wors.. x:
Never put pic cause not my com. LOLS.
Byes. Playing games.

Tag me more!(: Anything/tags also can! Im dying of boredness! Tqs to those who tagged me. :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Woo~ Todae going backk to Malaysia. T.T
Can't use phone&Can't use com!
Can't use com :
} Can't use msn
} Can't blog
} Can't play Audi
} Can't Friendster
} Can't watch any Anime
How cham&pathetic is that?! WTH lorhhhs. D:
Can't wait to know what school i going. >.<
Wahaha. Anithing just leave me a message in my msn or just simply write in my tagboard. (:
Dammit. Imagine not Audi-ing&Anime-ing for so long! I might as well just die. =.=
Maple to midnight
Maple to midnight 2
Nothing to sayy bout these two vids. Just that they are damn freaking funneh. xD ~

The three reasons whyy i changed Cbox are :
} Flooded; With spams, messages; tags.
} Keep track on who tagged me when im not in SG moree tightly. Cause, like i mentioned before, the previous one was flooded, so by using a new one, i will not miss out any tag or message when i come backk. :D
} Too flooded; Confusing. =x

I noe i said there's onii two reasons budden there's three here.
Cause the last one i "suddenly" think out derhhs. =x
Hope ya understand yea? >.<

Time check : Friday; 28/11/08; 10.45am
I'm doing time-check cause my blog's timing are god damn wrong.

Miss me much much alrights? ;DD And think of me everyday worhhs. Wahahas. =x And leave me messages&tags worhhs. Even for no reason just leave. x.x I noe i am crazyy. =x

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pff. Just now tell someone something in msn. o__o
I wonder which girl-hating person make this thing called "RUMOR"
Care much? Yea.. Care MUCH?

Helps! I wanna go to SACSS & AMKSS. >.<
Which shod i go? >.<
SACSS = St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School
AMKSS = Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
=x IDK luhhs. See what school i go in luhhs. .__.

Weee~ Going to Malaysia from this Friday(28/11/08) till Next Wednesday(03/12/08)
Steven kor's wedding on Sunday(30/11/08)! ;DD
Must be happy forever hor! :DD
Can't wait to see my cousins again! xDD
So while i'm not in Singapore, anything leave me a message in my tagboard or the Msn.
Gans&Nuer-s must miss me much much hor. Remember to 想我 arhhs!~ =P
Hmms, Decemder gort ALOT of activities siia.
And my ALOT of activities means ALOT of party. WOOTS. :DDD
LOLS. Can't wait till this Friday! xDDD

Now i'll dedicate something short to Gillian aka Nuer :
Hahahahaas. Been to your blog&Saw your new skin.
Can you like make it stop moving? x:
Don't want everything aso can budden at least the tagboard?
I cant tag or even type as it is moving. Paisehh wors! D:


Now i'll post something short to Vincent :
Mwahahhaa. Suay year? Cham arhhs. X:
Hahahaha. Jiayouus in recovering yeas?
And you havent answer my question yet lurhhs! D:

Aniwae, dunnoe why i wanna post siia. -.-"
I too sian liao larhhs
Keep hoping from blog to blog.
Sommore all i dunnoe de. ==
LOLS. Mad liao larhhs; me. :DDD

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rewind again~~ :DDDD

Yesterday; 23/11/08
=0= At 11+am went to meet Claudine at the AMK MRT station.
Than we went to Marine Parade Beach. xDDDD
Set up tent than we rest and after that went to play with the sea&the sand. o_o
Than after eating, rest till 4+pm
than actually wanna go bike-ing liao, than rain! T.T
Than keep raining till 6+pm than become a slight drizzle
Than Claudine, Hui Min&Mi
Walk on the sand for a while than take video of the thunders. O__O
After that, the three of us went to Mc Donalds to wait for her parents.
My parents went home at ard 7.30pm than we bought fries to eat
Just nice after eating her parents come. o.o
Than we went to the Esplanade to watch the Evergreens perform
After the performance, we went home. xDDD

Todae; 24/11/08
Went to Bugis to shop.
Shop half wae leg&head pain. -.-
Than bought two jeans. :DDD
After awhile, saw three shirt, Little Miss Shy & Little Miss Sunshine
& another dunnoe what shirt .__.
I bought them all, durhhs. ;DDD
Walk half wae shoe broke sho bought one pair of shoe.
Warhhs, brought 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans&3 shirts in total. O__O
Wakakakakas~ One sad thing though, I LOST MY S1 PIN! DDDD:
than they onii return call at 5+pm. LOLS.
I wasn't at home sho my sister told mi.
She saidd something funneh happened budden too longg
sho i lazy write larhhs. xPP
Wahahahahaxz. And as i saidd, i wasnt at home when they calledd,
sho they saidd that theyy will call backk tomoro.
T.T I cant wait lurhhs! Idk luhhs! x.x

Person that tagged me -RUEY YING -Kwan Tyng ;DD
1. People who have tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. Those people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending other people
1. What is your CCA
2. Would you fall in love with a girl younger than you?
ANS:Nope. I'm not a les. xDD
3. Do you enjoy going to school?
ANS:Usually, yes. Get to see friends ;DD
4. What would you do with a billion dollar?
ANS:Buy stuffs
5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
ANS:Nope. Not a les.
6. Which is more blessed? Loving someone or being loved?
ANS:Being loved <33
7. List out your favourite band
ANS:Quite alot.
8. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?
9.Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
10. What makes you angry?
ANS:Alot of things
11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
ANS:Semi working&Semi studying
12. Who is currently the most important people to you?
13. What is the most important thing in your life
14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
ANS:Not sure
15. What is your favourite colour?
ANS:Sky blue, Sea blue, semi white&semi blue
16. Would you give all in a relationship?
17. If you fall in love with 2 people simultaneously, who would you pick?
18. Would you forgive and forget no matter horrible a thing that someone has?
ANS:Depends on who that person ish
19. What do you want to tell the person you like?
ANS:Dunnoe, confession lorhhs
20. Which country would you like to go?
ANS:London, Japan, Paris, Hong Kong ;PP
People WHo HAd Been Tagged are...
1.Hui Lin
2.Jia Ni
3.Chun Hui

Friday, November 21, 2008


20/11/08 (Thursday) :
Ytd, the big big dae. :O
Turns into a 'nightmare'.
Late for 'school' (To take the results laa, of cuz.)
Sister psk mi when in school. D:
Than need wait for veh long time than can get result.
Its torturing everybody..! X:
Than my results just sux ! D;
Almost cried on the way home.
Summore i found out that i will
only get a new Sim card on the 01/12/08 T.T Sho lonq !
Than nothing much happened liaos. =X
21/11/08 (Friday; Today) :
Nothing much happened. -.-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chermaine has been upgraded to be my bestie~
Than to my Darlinq!~ *CLAPS*
Summore go celebrate. ;DDD
Now chatting with friends, sian!
&&Tv-ing at the same time. .__."

Ok, stop liao, LOL.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Once there is three friends. Eric, Cathlyn, Carol.
Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school.
Cathlyn was one of those popular girls. Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish.
Carol was just one of those plain and average girls .
Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric.
Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric.
For she was already attractive enough.
Carol on the other hand, showered Eric which love and care.
Carol wasn't ugly at all.
In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant.
But she wasn't a cheerleader, she didn't were spaghetti-straps or tubes.
So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathlyn.
For Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl.
While Cathlyn was labele d as the cool and attractive type.

Eric always insulted Carol.

Telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was.
And how dumb she looked.
Which obviously made Carol feel so hurt and useless.
That's life. Carol never gave up though.
She wanted to prove something to Eric.
She wanted to prove that looks aren't everything.
She studied hard, really hard.
She became the top girl, and all the guys who once ignored her, chased her.
But she never forgot Eric.
Everyday, she put a red rose in Eric's locker.
Always with the same words.
'I care for you, and I always will'
Because she knew that Eric was facing a hard time.
Eric began to realise.
How dumb he had been.
His beloved girlfriend, Cathlyn.
Was flirting with other guys.
He regretted for choosing the wrong girl.

Cathlyn broke up with Eric later.
For she had found a wealthier guy.
Eric felt so cheated, stupid and dumb.
He went to look for Carol.
He knelt on his knees, and said.
"Carol, please forgive me. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
Carol rejected him, much to everyone's surprise.
She only uttered these words.
"You've suffered a great loss, so I don't want you to face another one"

Eric felt disappointed.
He didn't understand a word that she said to him.
But they became good friends.
Did everything together.
Eric began to change into someone better.
Because Carol showered him with the love he never experienced before.
His ex-girlfriends had never treated him that way.
They just accepted him for his looks.
But Carol accepted him for himself .
She changed him.
Carol continued putting a red rose into his locker everyday.
With the same words. She never forgot.

One day, Carol didn't turn up in school.
She didn't come for a week.
At first, Eric thought that she was on a vacation with her family.
Because she told him that she would be going Hawaii with them.
But one day. He received a call from the General Hospital.
Saying that Carol was about to die.
She had been suffering from cancer.
But Carol forbade them from telling him.
Because she didn't want Eric to worry about her.
But now that she was about to die.
She wanted to see Eric for the last time.
Eric rushed to the hospital.
When he saw how weak Carol was.
Tears began rushing down his cheeks.
He whispered.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Why did you hide this from me?"
She looked at him . And smiled weakly at him.

"When I said that I didn't want you to suffer from facing another loss,
I meant this. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry.
I wanted to spend my last days with you cheerfully." Eric looked at her.
"You can't leave me!" he said.
"What will I be without you?"
"You'll be who you are now. I will always be there by your side.
Never forget that. Cherish those times. Live life happily. And one more thing."

"Yes?" "I love you" And she died. Eric screamed.
He still couldn't accept Carol's death.
He had only spent a month with Carol.
A month. But Carol changed his life in a way.
A way that no one could ever explain. He regretted.
But he knew that Carol would always be keeping an eye on him from Heaven.

Sometimes We just don't appreciate those people who really care for us.
Until they leave us. Until we lose them. Then we regret.
Outer beauty doesn't matter; it's the inner one that counts.
It's better to tell someone how much you love them.
Rather than to not tell them and lose them without telling them.
You'll regret Love is. When we fight till the very last minute.
Just to show and tell someone how much we love them.

WOOTx! Todayy had a Graduation Ceremony.
Very nicee! Especially the part on the video of the pictures of us. :DD
Like the souvenier best! (Dunnoe how to spell.) x:
Than start to take photos&signatures of the teachers&friends.
So sad. T.T Was crying for a while than stop when cooled down. x.x
Really really wish to keep in contact! D:
Best of lucks guys!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rewind! xD

For 10-11-09 :
Wootx! I finally bought an Ink Bag! [[:
So happy! Budden i regretted buying brown!
Shod have brought black! D:
Ahhhas! Budden still like it luhhs! xDD

For 11-11-09 :
LOL. Nothing much happened!

For 12-11-09 (Today) :
Had Prefects Hand-Over Ceremony.
Received an award, a plaque. (Dunnoe how to spell.) .__."
Than after school at 2pm got Prefects Farewell Party! :D
So fun! Budden rain.. D:
If not than more fun lo.
Played one game with flour, need pass around.
Than if music stops,
&&you holding it than need pour it on your face.
Than Gaivin got it. LOL.
Than when he pour-ed liaox everybody were like,
"Woo hoo!" Than -CLAPS- .
If Mrs Wong still in MFPS than the party whod be better!
When i sayy better, i mean better x100 of todayy..
Ahhhas! :DD
Than while eating, when i was looking around,
Than i suddenly saw Mrs Wong!
Than less than one minute than she was surrounded with prefects. xDD
After a short conversation with us, she left. T.T
Than we all continued eating. xPP
After eating, it was still raining,
so many ppls stayyed to wait till it lessen abit.
I dunnoe what happened budden suddenly Jiajie, Sabrina, Ada, Ivy&Iris
started to spray each other with water.
I joined in than we all gang up to spray Jiajie. ;DD
And he was drenched wet!
Budden he's quite good too.
Cause All the girls playing were soaked!
Than after Gaivin they all left+Jiajie,
WeiLing, Elysia Ada, Sabrina&me
started playing with the left over flour from the party.
WeiLing got her face, Hair&Clothes covered in flour. xDDDDD
Sabrina's bag was covered with flour. >:D
My bag&hair was covered with abit of flour. D:
Budden was quite fun!
Had ALOT of fun today! xDD
Gonna miss MFPS, the teachers&the friends i made there ALOT! D:
Hope to stayy in contact&stayy as friends forever! T.T

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dunnoe what to post luhhs.
Lazy put pics if you're wondering why bo pics. X:
Was going from blog to blog than went to Kayleng's blog.
Saw her pics and wasn't she chio? xD
Stayy chio forever! ;DD

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dunnoe what to post.
Budden i just wanna sayy that
I've officially cloed the audi acc : --MRSxHAM [:
Ohyaa, i'm creating a guild with -TX-x3GUI .
The guild name will be -TF-
Which means Together Forever.
If interested, Pls inform me or -TX-x3GUI .
Tyvm. xDD

I just love them ! <33
Try snatching them away from me,
&You're so dead !
Muahahahahaxz ! >:D
Idk what else to post luhhs.
I qo watch my show liao laa. Bais!~ ;DD