Saturday, February 26, 2011

Watching "Destination Truth" on Okto NOW. Their creepiest & last ep. ever! :) ):
My awesome march holiday schedule :
Monday - Drama then follow by Cheerleading.
Tuesday - Go make Passport w/ mom.
Wednesday - Cheerleading.
Thursday - Drama (Most likely overnight camp).
Friday - Drama then rush like crazy to Cheerleading.
Saturday or Sunday - Cheerleading competition .
I know. Nice march "holiday" right? :) CAN'T WAIT FOR 19 APRIL!! GOING JUSTIN BIEBER'S CONCERT WITH AMANDA!! HEHEHEHAHAHAHOHOHO. :B Gonna chiong work for money to spend. In need of money. NOW. Since i practically used every amount of money i earned for February. :/

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 best things that ever happened today ;

1st : Had IPP exercise. No chemistry. <:
2nd : Sherrie & Haida came my house, had fun laughing & reading mags. :D
3rd : After drama session had an AWESOMELY AWESOME heart2heart chat w/ Hanna & Audrey.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HEYYO PEOPLE. :D Imma updating this blog more alr. :x Morning was ... usual . LOL . Went to find Gloria to talk then proceed to find Wei Yew . Hehhhhh . He's gonna teach me PIANO . YAY HIM . Lessons were boring . Thanks stopoid Shi Da for accompanying me to text for whole day up till now o.o . After school went to dabao food and went to Sherrie's house to makan it . Walked in the rain & another h2h talk together . THANKS sexy , for cheering me up . (: Drama was the same 'cept a female instructor came. I like the changes she did to our play. Made it better. (Y) Went hub w/ Hanna , Audrey & Simei but once at hub , ended with Rulin , Pohyin & Kaiqing. Blabla, wondered around then went Presbyterian high to accompany Kaiqing & Pohyin while Rulin went off. It's scary okay, PHS! Damn dark. Me no likeyz. >: But at least PY & KQ's tuition class friends are nice, never sabo ^^ . HEHE . Wrapped Yuxian's present alr, finally! Typed him a super long bird day message on my phone, now waiting for 12am. So i can sent him then i can go orhorhz. >: HAHAH, worth it lahz, at least. My good friend & junior. :D HAHAA, shall go continue watching my Glee liao. Baibaiz. <:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ohyeah. Yesterday was ... boring i guess. Morning till afternoon worked. Met Samantha & Shumin at hub. YAY, got my first salary yesterday~ Though not much cos i hardly work anyway, >< Ate at mos then met Patricia while Sam went off. Mrt-edd. Me & Patricia sat wrong seat, hehs. In the end, ended up in the front with Shumin. SAW FIRMAN. We think, LOOL. Didn't see Shuqi, Shanghui, Elaine & Dania )): . The fireworks damn nice lah, though overall, Chingay was a bit ... sian-ish. But a bit lah, not totally . (: I would still recommend people to go , though $55 isn't VERY worth . HAHA , well , gottago for performance . Baiz . <:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today was ... normal . YESTERDAY'S CHEERLEADING SESSION WAS AWESOMEST !! We managed to do Liberties. YAY AVENGERZ. :D Anyway, got a new phone today ! YAY ME . :P Drama was ... filled with paint ? HAHAAAA . Can't disclose much on drama & cheerleading cos of SYF & competition . HEH . Nothing to update liao . Baibaiz , shall update soon . I guess. I hope.

Nao get lost . Kthnxbaiz . <: